Unleash Love // There

Launch a New Campus

While we’re worshiping at Mountain, 87% of the people in Harford County are not going to any church at all. This breaks the heart of God. And God has put us here to reach them! We’ve done our homework, researched dozens of locations, crunched the numbers and we are ready to launch our next campus. New campuses are key to our overall strategy. But it will take the prayers, service, and generosity of all of Mountain to make it happen. Funding from Unleash Love is the critical missing piece for us to move forward with our next location so God’s reach through Mountain can continue to be expanded.

Plant New Chuches

Part of the vision God has given us is a concern for more than just “us” – we want to impact our entire region. Imagine a cluster of super effective, fast growing, life-changing churches like Mountain spread all over the Baltimore - D.C. area – each of them planting MORE churches that will in turn plant MORE churches! Over the last decade or so we’ve partnered with others to plant 15 new churches! Today there are young pastors eager to start new churches and we want to equip and send them to do just that. Unleash Love will help us fulfill our calling to be a flagship church and transform our entire region.

Launch an Online Campus

When Jesus said to spread the Gospel to the “uttermost parts of the earth”, he was sending us to cross boundaries and borders into new frontiers with the Good News. By embracing new technology and the internet we will cross many boundaries as we launch our first online campus! This powerful new tool gives us the ability to engage with people we wouldn’t normally reach who have yet to visit one of our locations. It’s proven that people are more likely to experience a church online before visiting in person, and we don’t want to miss the chance to make ourselves available to anyone and everyone. So many today are hungry for the love of God but are skeptical of trying church. This is another way to reach them. Unleash Love will help us leverage technology to spread the most important message ever.