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This page was created to help you find a community to share Unleash Love with, download materials, and find answers to questions you might have.

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Community groups take us from sitting in rows, to sitting in circles where we can begin to experience relationships that will move us closer to God. If you’ve never been in a group or are new to God’s mission with Mountain, we've made it really easy! Tell us a little about yourself and we'll find the perfect fit for you.

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Q:  What is the name of the new church-wide initiative, as well as the Fall 2016 alignment study (sermon series and groups study)? 

Q:  Are there group materials (books, study guides, DVDs, etc.) that are needed for this study? 
A:  Yes!  Mountain is producing all of the study materials for Unleash Love in-house.  Materials will be available on the web for easy download.  For those who are unable to access the materials in this way, we will have materials to put in your hand at the Unleash Love distribution stations at each campus. 

Q:  Is there separate leader material? 
A:  There is NOT a separate leader’s guide, however we highly recommend that leaders look through the printed material and watch the videos ahead of time, thinking ahead about their groups and which parts to highlight for discussion.  If group leaders are not able to stream or download the videos, we will provide DVDs upon request. 

Q:  Is there a cost for the material?
A:  No!  Downloads or printed copies of the study guides and videos will be provided free of charge.  We would like to burn as few DVDs as possible, so please try to use the web video links if possible – but don’t hesitate to ask for a DVD if needed. 

Q:  When will the material be available? 
A:  Paper copies of the study/devotional guide are available below.

  • Download the Booklet here
  • Watch the videos here

Q:  Does every person need a study guide? 
A:  Yes!  There’s a personal devotional component and so we encourage even married couples not to share these materials. 

Q:  If my own group is not an option but I need to point someone toward a group, where do I send them? 
A:  We have intentionally scheduled many Mid-size groups for this alignment. 

Q:  Is there anything else that I need to know? 
A:  Yes!  Glad you asked. 

As always, if you have any further questions about any of this, check in with your Coach.  They and/or the Groups staff team are always ready to assist you!