Unleash Love // Here

Resource Mountain Ministry

Mountain continues to experience tremendous growth! God keeps opening doors for us to make more and better disciples. Unleash Love is the funding engine behind all of our disciple-making programs and ministries, from Mountain Kids and Student ministry, to Coffee Break Bible Study, to Celebrate Recovery, to counseling and benevolence, to Trunk or Treat, global missions, snow removal, mortgage payments, weekend worship – everything! We need to resource all the ministries that make Mountain “Mountain” and then take a look around our neighborhood, workplace and world. There are so many dire needs as well as doors of ministry opportunity God is opening before us! Your generous giving to Unleash Love will allow us to step through those doors as God directs.

Improve Mountain Kids Space

We love kids! Children are the fastest growing group at Mountain right now. A recent study shows 80% of adult Christ followers today became Christians between the ages of 4-14. It is crucial that we do everything we can to draw kids and their families into a Christ-based community centered on God’s Word. That’s why we will finally be making some enhancements to our kids’ space at all three campuses to create even more inviting, creative, and fun spaces that foster learning, growth and lifetime relationships.

Provide Capacity Solutions

There’s an unglamorous, behind-the-scenes side to ministry. It’s exciting to invest in kids or see lives changed by Christ. It’s also crucial to take the lid off physical pinch points so we can keep welcoming the surge of new people. Speaking of taking the lid off, our septic system is woefully under-equipped for future growth. We also need to create more parking. One of the saddest things is to hear of guests who leave frustrated without ever finding a space, never making it in to our worship experience. We need to solve that problem! It may not sound that “sexy” but septic and parking capacity are mission critical as we make room for future disciples of Jesus.